Monday, April 06, 2009

Time to Trim Up!

I mentioned a while back that I was embarking on a weight-loss program, trying to get off the extra weight that's causing my back to be in the "very painful" category. I also mentioned that I was interested in the hCG Diet, and wanted to know what people's opinions were on that. Since I couldn't find the information I wanted on the internet, I decided to turn myself in to a guinea pig, and record the numbers I couldn't find.

Fat Loss Chronicles

That being said, I'm trying really hard to change my current eating patterns. I gave up sugar for Lent (first time I've participated in Lent!), and stayed off sugar for 36 consecutive days. (I had some ice cream on Saturday.) Haven't had any more sugar since Saturday, though. I've started making my own yogurt and kefir, and have been tracking my food intake and nutrition over at Fit Day.

Now I need to get a regular exercise routine going again. I was doing interval training not too long ago (fast walk with running), and loved it. But my back started hurting so much, I had to quit. Now that I've dropped 15+ pounds, I think it will be doable again.

Hey, Casey. Does this mean I qualify to join HASAY?


Anonymous said...

I have just finished a carton of Hagen das [sp?] Well, not all of it, I buy a carton and eat a third every night. Yummy! So glad that I am sooooo past caring about my weight. I read somewhere [so I'm taking it as gospel, that ones metabolism slows down so much after menapause...which was so long ago it is a distant memory-so it must be just hanging on. I would have to starve myself now to lose anything at all.

Good luck with it all-but give yourself a little treat now and then or it will become a hateful chore.

GreenJello said...

Unfortunately, I hit early menopause at age 29. Then, when I stopped using HRT, I gained 40 pounds in less than 3 months. Miserable! Because of my back problems (2 surgeries), I will always have to be watchful of my weight. Ice cream, my downfall, will have to become a very infrequent visitor. Wah!

Missy said...

I wish you luck. I am battling a little weight issue myself. Totally not fair about life getting in the way. But what can you do but take it one day at a time.


steenky bee said...

Speaking on Casey's behalf, which I do often (when she doesn't know about it...) you are SO in HASAY now. You just pay your monthly dues to her with a C.O.D. (that's what she has me do.)

Also, What is a kefir? It sounds like a fancy shawl. Are you making your own shawl to eat yogurt in? Is it because you get all chilly whilst eating said yogurt? You are smart.

Casey said...

I see that my personal HASAY representative has already been by to approve your transaction. That Steenky Bee is always thorough and accurate when it comes to HASAY applicants. You're totally in HASAY now, yay! Welcome to the club, I'll be looking for your monthly dues (I consider babysitting a valid form of currency).

I just checked out your HCG results. I kept forgetting to ask you how it went since it only popped in my head at non-blogging times like when I was in a dressing room trying to squeeze into something that just wouldn't zip. If you remember, I did the diet around 10 years ago and although I dropped the weight, I was pretty sure it was unhealthy. Sorry you came to the same conclusion but I'm glad you got the jump start you need. Go forth and exercise.

steenky bee said...

Sorry, but my HASAY sense was tingling. I just knew that the founder had stopped by. (You should know that HASAY sense is much like the better-known Spidey sense, except for instead of a heightened sense of awareness, your stomach just growls) My HASAY sense tingles a lot around 8:00 pm.

Also, since you're now in HASAY (yes you are) you should know that when Casey says "Go forth and excercise" it's not in the spirit of comradery, it's honestly an order. She's tough man. I wouldn't mess with her. I've got your back though.

Keely said...

I've had back problems if I run/walk too much too - it's often related to my shoes (if they're more than a year old, you probably need new ones) and not stretching. I'm bad with the stretching.

Good luck!

FoN said...

I've never had any real back problems, but the walk/running thing is SO hard. Well, the running for sure.

Just keep going!!

Michelle said...

Oh good luck on this!
I was doing so well for awhile there and then I fell off the wagon in a big way..

♥ bfs~"Mimi" ♥ said...

I'm PROUD of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!