Sunday, October 16, 2011


Conversation with Alex, the exchange student coming to live with us. We are in the paperwork process, and have to have background checks. We were talking about how we might be closet murderers or criminals, and how would he know?

Violet: But what if we're con men?
Alex (puzzled): "Con" men? What's that?
Violet: People who pretend to be good, but end up taking your money.
Alex: Oh! You mean an asshole?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Exchange Students

I know I'm terrible about updating my blog on a regular basis, but I figured it was worth noting two significant events: Lu left in July to Brazil for a year as an exchange student, and we are getting an exchange student from Denmark for the school year. It will be our first time ever to have a BOY in the house. How weird is that? :)

Alex is 18, and a guitarist. He's coming to live with us because we are moving to a house near the Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts, where Violet currently attends. So we'll get singing and guitar playing happening all the time. :)