Friday, October 31, 2008

What Am I?

Happy Halloween!

People keep asking me what I'm going to dress up as this year. My answer is, "I'm not really sure what I am."

So, without further ado, I am having my first contest on my blog. Y'all get to Name My Costume!

Winner will get all the glory. Guts optional.


bfs said...

Penelope Twilight
Lady of Black and White

(oooooo....that stinks! must be my knee surgery clogging up my creativity!........)

Grant said...

Sheba the Zebra Queen.

Happy birth/Satan day.

Blogger Dad said...

Lose the bag, get a nice cane and I'd say, Zebra Pimp! (The fuzzy hat does it).

Happy Halloween!

Blogger Dad said...

And oh yeah, Happy Birthday! Welcome to 38.

Dave said...

Happy Birthday!! Yay!

You have a look about you that says - The Cat In The Hat.

Either that or - Garish Bank Robber!


Jyl @ MommyGossip said...

Willie Wonka in his latest, and most stylish zebra-print suit!


GreenJello said...

My co-worker decided I was the "Bride of Beetlejuice". And I've gotten a lot of "Willy Wonka" and pimp comments today, too. :) (Blogger Dad, I borrowed the hat from my brother, who had used it for a pimp costume. LOL!)

Jen - Queen of Poo said...

Oh my! My! My! MY!

That is quite a look. I love it! lol

I think the Bride of Beetlejuice is good!

DJ Kirkby said...

Lol! You look amazing! No name comes to mind as I am laughing too much.

Anonymous said...

Dame Edna does 'My Fair Lady'


Mrs. C. said...

Costume? Gee, I thought you were just trying to look extra nice on your birthday!

Seriously though, I think you were going for "Avon Lady visits Zebra Town."

Either that or someone barfed black licorice on your nicest white outfit and you're trying to fake us out...

Nah, I'll go with Avon Lady.

O happy Saturday.
Mrs. C.

GreenJello said...

And the winner is....

Mrs. C. for "Avon Lady visits Zebra Town"!

The reason? I used to be an Avon lady. So her response made me laugh the most. :)

All the glory is yours, Mrs. C. Use it wisely. :)

Anonymous said...

dunno, but you have a sorta Roy Orbison groove going on.