Monday, October 06, 2008

SOLUTION: Can't Open Attachments in Outlook 2003

  • You have Office/Outlook 2003
  • You have installed the Office 2007 Compatibility pack
  • When you double-click on Office 2007 attachments in Outlook, you receive an error that says, "The system cannot find the file specified"
  • Open Windows Explorer/My Computer
  • Go to Tools, then Folder Options
  • Click on the File Types tab
  • Scroll down to the file type you are having issues with (ex: .xlsx or .docx)
  • Click Change
  • Choose the regular program to open the attachment-- in other words, you want Excel to open a .xlsx, or Word to open .docx, etc. DO NOT CHOOSE THE COMPATIBILITY PACK PROGRAM.
  • Click OK
Now try to open your attachment again. It should (hopefully) work this time!


S@kthij said...

Thanks, this solution worked!

Karl said...

Thanks. It worked perfectly!

aviation411 said...

It works thank you.

Unknown said...

Thank you! This worked like a charm.