Saturday, October 04, 2008

Never Boring

Kayla is my child who has always had a very quick wit. She's a funny person, and is definitely a yellow personality. This means that conversations in our home are generally amusing on some level.

For example: "Oh-my-gosh-I-love-Kenna-so-much-and-I-really-have-to-pee!"

Or, the other day when we were all driving in the car, with Kayla at the wheel:

Violet: "Your driving is really good now. You're just like mom!"
Kayla: "Only more sexy!"

Or the morning I was driving her to the bus stop, and passed a sign announcing a Cottage Meeting. She asked what one was, and I started explaining it to her. She interrupted with:

"Oh! I thought you were going to say it was a church kind of meeting. You know, where the ladies would say, 'I think maybe it would be best to have the prayer second instead of first, and it would be a wonderful idea for everyone to bring a treat because everyone likes them, and now let's all go make some casseroles!"

I wish I could put her voice changes/inflections into the written word. It's just too funny. :)

This is the same child, who at age 4, told me, "I have SO many thinks in my head! There must be a googol of them." I love it when her thinks come spilling out her head and right out of her mouth. :)

I've told her that the "mother's curse" applies to her-- I hope she gets her own mini-me so that she, too, can experience how much fun it has been to have a child like her.


DFTF said...

What IS a cottage meeting, anyway?

I love the things that come spilling out of kids' mouths too. So much entertainment!

GreenJello said...

A cottage meeting is where you meet in a small group with your Congressperson. Usually, it's at someone's house.

I wish I was a better journal-er (is that a word?). The collection of quotes I'd have now would be truly priceless. You swear you'll never forget them, but you eventually do (with the exception of the REALLY good ones).

DFTF said...

That's one of the things blogging is really great for. I write down things now that I would have forgotten before.

Mrs. C. said...

I had one come out of my little sweetie last weekend that I've told all over town already, and for some reason it didn't really offend me. She was riding her horse and took her first-ever fall. And since the horse was moving pretty fast we freaked a little, especially given the windmilling arms and crying after she hit. Anyway, husband and I were doing that Scooby-Doo run to her (the run from nightmares, where you run and run at top speed but get nowhere). But we got to her, checked for broken bones, etc. Got her back up to finish riding and later as we were talking about the fall and being scared for her safety, I told her it seemed to take forever for me to reach her because I was panicked about her being hurt. I asked "did it seem to take a long time for us to get to you, honey?" She said, "No, I could see you running to me and you can run really fast...for as old as you are!"

Pass the Geritol.
O happy Tuesday.
Mrs. C.

GreenJello said...

I see your Geritol, and raise you one...

I've got one foot in the grave already. Well, at least as far as my kids are concerned... :)

Glad your little one is okay. Falls from horses can be VERY scary. I hope she has a helmet-- and wears it. Ride safe!

Scooby-Doo run. LOL!!!