Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Monday Revisited

I had to scrape the windshield at 6:20am again this morning. Ugh.

Ron came out to put some stuff in the trunk of the car for me before I left this morning, and the hatchback handle broke right off. Ugh.

I double-checked the calendar. It isn't Monday anymore. Unless I'm missing something (likely).

Maybe tomorrow will be a better Tuesday.


steenky bee said...

I'm a jello jiggler! Wait. That doesn't sound too good. Or flattering. Oh well (shrug) When I read that you had to have your windshield scraped I was all, where is the bleep is she? Then I remembered, you are MY irreverant girl in Lehi. Ah! Yes, I, too had the frost this weekend. :(, I mean :)

steenky bee said...

Okay, I just wanted to jiggle my jello again. Giggle.

GreenJello said...

(Ohmygosh...she found me!)

Uh, I mean... Hi! :)

Now I'm giggling at your jiggling.

Grant said...

I had to scrape my windshield too - feckin'g bugs.