Friday, October 03, 2008

Letterbox-- Lehi Sugar Factory

We placed our first letterbox last night at the Lehi Sugar Factory. We did a covert night operation and moved a lot of rocks to cover the hidey-hole. It was fun!

This place has quite a history behind it. To read more, visit here.

I've created a new blog just for my letterboxing clues. Please visit Letterboxing Adventures for fun and excitement. :)

For more information about letterboxing, please visit


DFTF said...

Ah, you placed one? Very cool!

DJ Kirkby said...


GreenJello said...

dj kirkby, sorry to confuse you! I don't have a separate letterboxing blog yet (I'm trying to get a site from someone who doesn't update theirs at all), so I'm posting my "clues" on my regular blog. If you ever come to the States, and specifically Utah, you can find my letterbox. :)

dftf, it's our first one! We have ideas for quite a number of them. Fun!

GreenJello said...

Ok, I've got my new letterboxing blog created, and moved the clue post over there. You shouldn't have need to be confused again, dj kirkby! :)