Monday, June 30, 2008

Yellowstone, Day 1

Well, we left this morning at about 1:40am, a little later than we wanted to be. We needed to get to Ron's daughters' house by 2:00am, and ended up being about 10 minutes late. The girls who came on this trip were Jak, Nikki, Lu and Violet. Kayla was off at soccer camp this week (I hate it when we have vacations scheduled, and soccer tromps over those days!).

It was a long drive there, but we got to our campsite at Norris a little before 10:00am (after a couple stops along the way to get ice and pump up the tires on the trailer).

We got camp set up, and headed out. On the way, we saw a mother elk who had just given birth to her baby. We got to see him stand up for the first time, and watched the mother clean him off. Then we continued on, and spent the rest of the day in West Yellowstone. Everyone traipsed around the touristy shops, and spent souvenir money. We treated the kids to dinner at Dairy Queen (to the tune of $53!!!!!! Talk about tourist trap pricing...) Then, we surprised them by taking them to a play at the Playmill Theatre. We saw See How They Run, and it was as hilarious as the last time I saw it. :)

Here's the girls, posing by one of the painted buffalo that are all over the town:

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Groovy Mom said...

How cool to see a brand new baby elk! Sounds like a great trip!