Thursday, June 26, 2008

What's So Great About Being a Grown Up?

Groovy Mom posed this question on her blog. I had a few answers... traveling where I choose to go, fixing food my way, painting my house walls colors other than white, and (of course) sex.

I asked Ron what he thought was good about being an adult. He thought it was the ability to make choices for yourself.

When I was in the car the other night with Lu and Violet, I asked them what they thought would be the best parts of being an adult, and they had some interesting answers. Violet, in her 10-year-old wisdom, said "When you're an adult, you can buy anything you want! And you can eat anything you want!" Ok, honey... I'll remember that the next time I want a Really Big brownie sundae with hot fudge. :)

Lu thought for a minute, and then surprised me with her answer. She said, "I think the best part of being an adult is so you can prove to yourself that you can be independent and make it on your own. You can make your own choices for your life, and not have to depend on your parents. And just show that you CAN do it yourself."

Not bad for a 13-year-old.


Groovy Mom said...

Not bad at all!

I guess I'm burned out on being responsible. At this moment it seems like having someone else take care of me and worry about how to pay for it would be heaven. I always get like this when I have PMS, though. ;-)

GreenJello said...

Isn't that what our sweeties are for? :) Someone who can baby us for awhile?

Lu said...

Not bad? I was 13 ^_^ for a 13 year old that was: