Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More Chalk Art

Today was the day that my other work location was having a chalk art contest during the employee summer party. I got there later than I had planned, so I only had time to work on a smaller one. I think it turned out cute, although the seaweed with the bubbles does look somewhat like a sea monster...

After I was done there, I had to go to our third (and main) location to pick up some computers. I figured why not make cute stuff at all three locations? :)

I had a lot more competition here, so this one was a bit more involved than my other one above. I still think I like my drawing from last week best-- I did put the most effort into that one. This last drawing was quite large (compare by the size of the chalk on the lower right hand side...), but didn't have quite as much detail as my first one from last week.

I still like 'em all, though! I think one of the most common comments I heard during doing this was, "I didn't know you were artistic!" I guess it's a strange thing when a computer geek suddenly turns artist. :)

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Groovy Mom said...

Both are lovely! How fun to surprise everyone at work with your artistic ability. :-)