Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Biocompostable Products

I'm on the "Green Team" here where I work. I joined it because I'm horrified at the amount of water that is wasted on the lawns here (and spills out to make mini-rivers in the parking lot...). Geez, people! We live in a desert, remember?

Anyway, at our meeting yesterday, some way cool things were used for our luncheon. Check these out: http://worldcentric.org/biocompostables

We ate with forks made of corn starch, and drank from cups also made from corn. In a composting facility, they will break down within three months. Is that cool, or what?

It makes me wonder, though, what kind and what amount of fuel is needed to make these things... I'm sure that the factory that makes these isn't running on solar power. One thing I've noticed about "environmentally friendly" products is that they still use fossil fuels to produce their products, and sometimes it takes more energy to produce the "friendly" product than the old one.

I guess it's at least a step in the right direction. The less chemicals in our food and homes, the better.

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