Thursday, July 31, 2008

Battle Creek Falls

Ron took me on a last-minute date (what? we're both getting home a little early today?) up to Battle Creek Falls tonight. Nice, easy hike, with a fun payoff at the end. It's a pretty little waterfall that splits into two sections (my picture is of the larger one), and drops about 50 feet. I took my sandals off and walked in the water below the falls, and the spray felt wonderful!

We also hiked to the top of the falls, and the view of the canyon and valley below was fabulous!

Sunset was starting on our way back down, and I got a nice silhouette of a cool looking tree...

We had a nice time together (and had fun getting in a little kissy-poo downstream of the waterfall...) The only downside was my back was still hurting from having to move two printers last Friday at work, and I forgot to stretch before starting the hike... ouch. I'll probably feel this for a few days. Having a bad back sucks.


Groovy Mom said...

Awesome spot for a hike! The hubs and I need to start doing stuff like that together. I would love it. He would huff and puff. lol

GreenJello said...

Yeah, I sympathize with the huffing and puffing. Ron, however, hardly breaks a sweat. He does do physical labor all day at work, so he's in great shape.

Hrumph. I exercise my fingers all day at work while I sit on my butt.