Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cecret Lake

Ron took me on a date tonight... a hike up to Cecret Lake. It's a beautiful drive to get there, past Snowbird and Alta ski resorts. Absolutely lovely! We went up in the evening, so the light wasn't good for pictures-- so here's someone else's photo. :)

It wasn't too bad of a hike; about a mile roundtrip. However, it does do a little bit of elevation change, and my back still isn't recovered enough from surgery to make climbing uphill very enjoyable. It's difficult to hike when your legs keep dying on you.

On the way back, I (carefully) climbed down some rocks to get pictures of the little waterfall coming from the lake. You can see the waterfall behind the pretty yellow wildflowers (which were all over on the way there). And to top it all off, we saw a 3-point buck on the way back down. We didn't see any moose (which are common in the area)... darn. After a week of trying to spy moose in Yellowstone, we figured we'd have more luck at home. Skunked again!

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Groovy Mom said...

Gorgeous spot for a hike! I'll check back for your waterfall pic. Happy Monday! :-)