Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Awesome Saturday

This last Saturday was a good day.

I got my "new" car finally... I really wanted another Cherokee, but I settled for a Pathfinder. The kids think it's "cooler" because it has a sunroof and leather seats. I'm twitching because my car payment went up. I miss my Jeep! Stupid black ice...

After many years, Tap Dogs came to town!!! [http://www.tapdogs.co.uk] Awesome experience, well worth the $$ to go see. Ron and I got great seats-- first row balcony, left side, almost near the center. Way too cool.

We ate Thai food afterwards, which I haven't done for ages. I opened the menu, and immediately knew what I had to order. I mean, how on earth can you resist an entree choice named, "Evil Jungle Princess Chicken"? It was a zesty peanut-red curry with chicken, long beans, vegetables, mint and Thai basil. I ate it over brown rice, and enjoyed every minute my mouth was on exquisite fire. Yum!

It was fun to dress up... not often I get to wear a fancy black dress and high heels. I think I clean up pretty good. Ron looks very handsome in his black slacks (which show off his magnificently tight butt) and long leather trenchcoat. He was looking very Matrix-y that night. :)

I definitely need more Saturdays like this in my life.

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