Monday, March 06, 2006

Earning Extra Ca$h

I've decided I'm gonna earn some extra cash (which we sorely need) by doing some...


Yes, me. Don't laugh. I know I'm not your typical scrapbooker. I do have an art/design background, though, and honestly-- that's all it takes. Some of you reading this know that I've done pretty good for myself so far in this arena. Here's my scrapbooking life so far:

My best friend Carol across the street works for Simple Scrapbooks Magazine. Since Kayla likes to scrapbook, Carol would bring by extra copies of the magazine for Kayla to have. I'd flip through them while talking to her, and critique the layouts in the mag, rolling my eyes at the lousy designs I'd see, horrible color combinations people would pick out, etc. etc. etc. Every once in awhile, I'd see a layout I'd like. Finally, in exasperation with my 'pickiness', Carol exclaimed, "Fine! If you think it's so easy, let's see *you* do a layout and sell it to the magazine!"

I took her up on the challenge. I sold my first 3 layouts to Simple. Then, they were having this album contest... I'd never done an album before, so I decided I'd enter one. I took second place in the category I entered it in. Ha! And then Simple contracted with me to write an article for them. So me, Ms. Non-Crafty, wrote an article for a cutsey-crafty magazine. Go figure!

Anyway, back to the $$$ part... I was looking on eBay at premade scrapbook pages. Women are selling these things for big bucks! I mean, who in their right mind pays $230 for a two-page Easter layout, for crying out loud?!? Baby, let me in on the cash!

I spent all day Saturday perusing craft and scrapbooking stores for cutsey crap. I plan on making about 6 double-page layouts to sell before Easter. Wish me luck. I'll keep y'all updated on how they sell!


Jane said...

Cool way to earn some extra cash. I'll be keeping my eyes open for your name.

I wish you lived nearby. One of my friends at church is hiring someone to scrapbook her daughter's high school years. I know se's paying a small fortune and her daughter would probably like your style better.

GreenJello said...

I'll post some pictures of my pages here when I get them taken and ready to put on eBay. :)

How come I always hear about these other scrapbookers who get the 'contract' scrapbooks, and I never seem to manage to find one?