Monday, February 20, 2006

o/' o/' "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do..." o/' o/'

Ron and I had a long talk this weekend. It looks as if we've both come to an understanding that our relationship isn't going to be a long-term one, at least past a friendship level. Talk about a difficult and emotionally wrenching exchange.

One thing we both came to realize yesterday, though, is that this type of conversation would have never occurred with our former spouses. Communication just didn't happen like this... it was basically non-existent. So it is actually a huge milestone for both of us, relationship-wise, to even be at this place. Being in a happy, working relationship is a good experience for us.

I wish I could take the qualities I really like about Ron and the qualities I really liked from my previous boyfriend and mesh them together into one guy. I'd definitely go for him. :D

So is this stage 1 in an amicable breakup?

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