Friday, February 24, 2006

Clean Bill of Health

I went for my follow-up visit today with the Infectious Diseases specialist (Mr. Cheery "You know you could have died!" smiling-all-the-while guy). My thumb looks really good, and even though there is some residual soreness/tenderness, it looks as if the 4 rounds of heavy-duty antibiotics have done the trick.

(Note to anyone reading this blog entry: I highly recommend not contracting an aggressive Strep A infection, a.k.a. the "flesh eating bacteria". It is NOT a fun experience.)

So even though it's pretty plain that I caught it here at work, Workers Comp is (at this point) denying my claim because this is an infection that can be 'caught anywhere in the community'. :::grumble::: The ER doctors who saw me on the first day forgot to mention the fact that this was most likely a work-related injury in their dictation. Now I've got to go back and track one of them down to see if they will amend their medical report. What a pain...

I'll tell you one thing, though-- I'd much rather be dealing with this pain than being dead, which is what could have very easily happened to me. That was the first time I was ever really and truly scared to lose my life. And it's not that I'm scared to die-- it's that I'm scared to die and leave my girls without a sane parent in the world to raise them. I cannot even begin to imagine what hell their lives would become if Pierre were to gain custody of the children in the event of my death.

So I made a deal with God. I'm not allowed to die until my kids are raised. D'you think He will agree? :)

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~Jennifer said...

OMG! What a horrible thing. Whenever I see someone on the news that had the flesh eating virus thingie I shiver. I know it's rare, but it's horrifying. I'm glad you survived!