Friday, February 17, 2006

American Underdogs

What can I say? Along with 12 bazillion fellow television viewers, I'm really into 'American Idol'. Me, the person who rarely, if ever, watches tv...

Last night, I finally had time to sit down and see this week's shows my kids taped for me. They picked the final 24 contestants, and I was happy to see that my favorite guy made it: Taylor Hicks. [] The guy is a total hoot to watch!

I think one of the reasons I like Taylor so much is that he's been so successful, regardless of what the 'rules' said an American Idol should be like. He's not young, he's got grey hair, he's not your typical pop-star looking sexy-slinky teeny-bopper kind of contestant. He's just talented, and has got enough personality to fill three other people. :) I like that.

It is a sad reflection on society, though, that Simon didn't want to send him on to the final 24 for the simple reason that he didn't *look* like an 'American Idol'. It's not that he wasn't talented enough. Taylor just wasn't the 'whole package deal' Simon was looking for. Talent and personality just aren't enough in the music business, unfortunately, it seems.

So Taylor is one of the underdogs. I'm gonna vote like crazy for him. And for the other non-traditional Idols that made the final 24. They're truly my American Idols-- those who continued to pursue their dreams, despite people telling them that they weren't good enough, pretty enough, just not *enough*... and yet they doggedly continued on the path to success.

Regardless of the outcome of the competition, those are the folks who really have what counts in this life. I hope that they realize it, and aren't too crushed when they're voted off by the superficial viewing public.

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