Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Teen Logic

Shandy has been turning into quite a handful of a teenager lately. She's 15, thinking she's going on about 23, I would suppose.

Last night, she informed me which high school she will be attending next year. Period, end of story. Her best friend will be attending this school, which is what precipitated this whole thing.

My objections to her attending this high school are:

  1. It is 40+ minutes from our house.... with no traffic. And that's rare.
  2. She is counting on my brother giving her his old car (if and when he buys a new one sometime in the possible near future).
  3. She is going to be paying for her car insurance and gas with a future job she is planning on getting after she turns 16.
  4. In the meantime, she wants to get rides with her friend and friend's sister (who would be driving). Their house is currently up for sale, and the family wants to move closer to the other high school.
  5. I have no way of getting her to and from this high school if she doesn't have a ride.

I have now been accused of trying to keep her from her friends and break them apart. (???) "I'm not stupid, you know... I know exactly what you're trying to do!"

Gotta love teen logic.

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