Saturday, March 14, 2009


Lu: Can I have some of your Vanilla Hazelnut tea?
Me: Sure.
Lu: What does it taste like?
Me: Like vanilla and hazelnuts.
Lu: But how will it taste?
Me: Do you know what vanilla tastes like?
Lu: Yes.
Me: Do you know what hazelnuts taste like?
Lu: Yes.
Me: Well, it tastes like vanilla and hazelnuts.
Lu: But does it taste like nuts?


Kindlelynn said...

HAHAHA this made me laugh. I have to agree with Lu... Knowing what something tastes like before I place it in my mouth is one of my musts if I have not had it before. And sometimes the description of something and what you imagine are completely off. Thanks for the laugh. :)

Casey said...

They need to put a disclaimer on that stuff.

Lu said...

You can't taste nuts! That's my logic and I'm sticking to it....