Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blog Encouragement

So I told Kayla she was "featured" on my Tuesday blog post. She was a little worried about what I'd said ("Not me-- it's what YOU said.") until she had come home from school and checked it out herself. :)

I told her, yet again, that she should start her own blog. Her answer?

"But I have nothing to write about. What would I say? 'Today I went pee. It was amazing!'"

Then she asked me if it was true that people eat about a pound of small jumping spiders in their lifetime, while they sleep. She heard it on the radio. And then proceeded to act it out. LOL!

Maybe one of these days I'll convince her to start up her own blog. :)


♥ bfs~"Mimi" ♥ said...

That is such a horrid thought! I read once about the little night critters that crawl through your eyelashes. Didn't sleep a wink that night! She SHOULD blog...a million ways to pee.... :-)

Suldog said...

Please, yes, convince her! I would love nothing more than to hear her take on daily life.

Froggy said...

I actually heard that you eat them in your sleep. Better not metion that part or you may have some late nights! :-)

AS Amber said...

My ten-year-old wants his own blog, too. Maybe I should let him. That way he could tell all his "Spongebob" and "Star Wars" stories that I've heard 12,000 times to his blog and not me!

Casey said...

Oh no, don't tell me that. I'm not a Survivor contestant, I can do without the spider feast.

Be careful what you wish for, starting her own blog would mean sharing your computer and blog time!

Kayla said...

Ok so I finally made one... After my mom kept bugging me about it!! And we have two kid computers, and my mom has one laptop! I already use the computer a lot, I just now post random dumb things on this website lol