Thursday, November 20, 2008

Morning Conversation

While taking Kayla to the bus stop this morning, she asked me a question:

"What do you think the greatest failing of humans is?"

Wow. The question kind of took me aback for a second. Then I thought. Finally, I answered, "Lying. I think if people were truthful, there would be a lot less contention and problems in this world."

She responded, "I think it is that humans are never content with what they have. They always want more. If they have a house, they want a bigger house. If they don't have something their neighbors have, they want what the neighbors have. They're not happy with what they've already got."

That's some profound thinking from a 16-year-old. I spent the rest of the drive to work contemplating whether or not I was content with my life as it stood.

I would have to say, "Yes."

That is not to mean I won't work hard to attain things I'd like for me and my family, or to be complacent about my life.

But right here, right now, I am content.


Casey said...

You're right, those ARE some deep thoughts for a sixteen year old. Wow, I'm impressed.

Grant said...

I'm perfectly content except that I want a new car and computer and an Asian girlfriend. And a new job. And a new body. But otherwise your daughter is totally wrong.

Is she cute and preferably Asian?

Anonymous said...

Golly, that is deep thoughts. Think I had my first original thought at eighteen and was so shocked I bought a Cosmo magazine.

Lying is the worst.Beginning with politicians, and most men who only ever wanted to [I've tried four metaphors because I am a staid old English biddy]

david mcmahon said...

Children activate the perception switch in their brains far more often than we think they do .....

Anonymous said...

And that, my friend, is what life is all about.

Jen - Queen of Poo said...

If she can start practicing contentment at 16 she's way ahead of the game!

Joe said...

I couldn't agree more about how profound that is, particularly coming from a 16 year old. Your daughter seems to take after you.

It took me years to realize that happiness is about focusing on what you have, and eliminating the "want" from your life.

bfs said...

I have to wonder what brought that to the top of her thought processes? Is she taking a Sociology class or in a Bible study where that subject came up?

How wise of her in her youth to consider that!

You know, the Apostle Paul wrote he had learned to be content in all ways (I think the King James version uses words like to be abased and to abound...)(Phil 4:11-13).

Happiness is a choice, and the happiest of the bunch learn how to "deal with it" -- meaning everything that comes your way.

Thanks for sharing this with us!

steenky bee said...

What a profound conversation! I'm with Kayla. I think she's got it all figured out. Honestly, as a teenager, if she can recognize this? That, my friend, is huge.

Kayla said...

Hey, sometimes when I'm bored I think about my place in the universe lol
What else am I supposed to do to keep me occupied? Think about boys? So overrated haha!
Besides, they're funner to look at then to think about! Mmmm boys...