Monday, March 20, 2006

Weekend of the Ex-Boyfriends

On Friday night, I saw my old boyfriend, E.C. You'd think that 5 months of not seeing him (and having another boyfriend in the meantime!) would make being around him again easier. Fat chance. I guess he'll probably be one of those guys I'll always be in love with. *sigh* My single friend Jamie says about guys like E.C., "They're the ones who you love with all your heart, but you could never live with on a day to day basis." She's right. Living with E.C. would drive me absolutely batty after a few months. It's amazing how much I still yearn to be with him though. But I resisted successfully this weekend, even though he invited me to watch a movie with him at his house Friday night.

Saturday night, it was Ron's turn. I told him that I was ready to end the romantic part of our relationship. He took it pretty hard, as I figured he would. Even though he knew it was eventually coming, he really didn't want our relationship, as it stood, to end. Now we're diving into the murky waters of "Let's be friends". We'll see how that goes. I know that from my end, I'll be able to do it (I wasn't totally, completely head-over-heels in love with him), but since he was completely smitten with me, I don't think it's going to be easy for him. I really feel for him, I do! I know exactly what he's going through, 'cause I was on the receiving end of this exact same thing at the end of last summer. It sucks rocks.

I know it was the right thing to do for me (I'm feeling like a huge burden was lifted off my shoulders today), yet I'm in the 'second guessing myself' mode right now. I mean, Ron is a *really* decent guy. You don't find those too often in my dating age group, y'know? So I have to have faith that there's someone better for me out there...

I know when I talk to my best friend Carol across the street about the breakup, I'll probably end up asking the question I've asked her multiple times over the past year and a half: "Tell me why it was I wanted to start dating again?!?" :)

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