Sunday, September 28, 2008

Beautiful Sunday

Ron, Violet and I decided to go letterboxing** today for the first time. We first went up Rock Canyon in Provo. This is the trail up the canyon-- the colors were incredible! (Violet loved that the mountains were all "dotted".) The letterbox was about an hour hike up into the canyon, in an old mine.

Then we drove up Provo Canyon, and stopped briefly at Bridal Veil Falls. Beautiful! I hope they don't rebuild the tram lines. I never did like them in the way of the view. We had stopped at a gorgeous park just before the falls to find our second letterbox. We have plans to go back sometime to enjoy a picnic there.

We continued on to Midway to find the third letterbox. It was on the Provo River, in a secluded little area off a footpath that fishermen like to use. It was very peaceful just sitting there on a big rock, listening to the water flow past.

All in all, a very fine afternoon!

**For more information about letterboxing, please visit


DFTF said...

I LOVE letterboxing! Isn't it fun? We've been on some great hikes all in the name of placing or discovering a letterbox. We haven't done it for the last couple of years, though.

GreenJello said...

It is a LOT of fun! And I didn't know you letterboxed... I found out about it from hilinda's blog. It's a great hobby! We will probably be placing our first box this weekend.