Saturday, March 05, 2011

Facebook Status

Violet: I cannot comprehend the girls who like to get made-up, fix their hair perfectly and go somewhere, barely being able to enjoy themselves because they are worrying about how they look. I want to be the type of girl who doesn't care what she wears, or how she looks. I want to be the girl who, instead of spending money to go have a good time with their friends, puts on pajama bottoms with them, turns on a chick flick, and in the end barely watch the movie and just talk about life. Doesn't that seem a whole lot better than gossiping and sucking in your tummies?

I don't worry about what people think of me because, in the end, the only opinion that matters is my own.

Instead of my pictures making me look fake, and have me pouting like a four year old, I want a picture of who I really am: A fishing, camping, singing, hiking, laughing, crazy, strong, confident, etc. girl who isn't afraid to show who she really is. I want to be laughing, hugging, acting odd. I want to be me in my pictures. I see this in mine, and all I see in other's pictures are girls afraid to be themselves.

So please, be yourself, live your life to the fullest, brush off snide comments, and never be afraid to stand up for what you truely believe in. Stay different.

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