Thursday, April 15, 2010

Good vs. Evil Jello

From time to time, I pull up Google Analytics to see what keywords people google and end up on my blog.

This one made me blink a few times and wonder:

angels and demons jello

I am confuzzled. And do I *really* want to know?


Grant said...

I just wanted to remind you that it's now 30 days until my birthday. Also, the last time I looked the #1 search term for my blog is still for pictures of Catherine Bell, whose picture I posted once (and only once) years ago.

Suldog said...

My number one search term - and that's what I get for entitling a post that way - is "Co-Ed Naked Snow Jogging". I always wonder about the seemingly thousands of people who seem to want to get off looking at frozen naughty bits.

Crazy Sister said...

Perhaps it's a variation of Frog In The Hole jello, where you put a green or red or chocolate frog in it before it sets.

Perhaps you can put candy cherubs and pitchforks into jello. Perfect for church functions.